Necessity is the mother of invention

'Look, Mum, isn't it beautiful here? These lush meadows and everywhere you look there are piles of brushwood just inviting you to hide in them!'

'Look, Mum, isn't it beautiful here? These lush meadows and everywhere you look there are piles of brushwood just inviting you to hide in them!'

The little hedgehog is thrilled. He has only been living in Oberwiesen with his family for a few days. Papa Hedgehog opened a doctor's practice there. After they all actively helped with the renovations, it's now finally time to go and explore the area.

While Papa takes care of his first patient — a bird with a sprained wing — Mama Hedgehog, little Fritz and his sister, Isi have a look around. In his thoughts, Fritz already sees himself lying in the meadow. Lazing around in the sun amongst the high grass is namely his favourite hobby...

They have an exciting start the next day. Little Fritz and Isi go to hedgehog school for the first time. In no time, they meet all of the hedgehog kids in the area. Right away, Isi arranges to meet up with Becki, a hedgehog girl from Unterwiesen.

Little Fritz plans to sunbathe in the meadow. Then he remembers the homework that Mrs Hogness , the teacher, has given them. She told the children to think about what they want to be when they grow up. No matter how hard he tries, little Fritz can't think of a career where you can laze about the whole day.

Thinking makes the hedgehog kid so tired that he soon falls fast asleep.

At the same time, the turtle Amanda is getting to work. The grass grows so quickly in this area that it has to be mown at least once a week. Singing away, Amanda gets started.

In the meantime, the little hedgehog Fritz is dreaming vividly. He was just healing another elephant of his depression with acupuncture, when he suddenly turns into the gardener at Oberwiesener Zoo and is in charge of tending the lawns.

A jarring noise abruptly ends little Fritz's dream. He jumps in shock. He sees the face of a completely distraught turtle — Amanda! The turtle has accidentally driven over little Fritz with the lawnmower.

'Are y-y-y-you okay?' stutters Amanda, who is still in shock.

'Of course!' says little Fritz, who still hasn't realised the full extent of what exactly happened.

'I'm so sorry. I didn't see you because of the high grass and now I've mown off your beautiful spikes,' explains Amanda.

The gravity of the event slowly begins to dawn on the little hedgehog. He fetches a pocket mirror out of his schoolbag, looks into it and... is absolutely appalled. Not a single spike adorns his head. Little Fritz runs quickly to the next brushwood pile to hide. No one should see him like this. Amanda's attempts to comfort the little hedgehog fail. She leaves sadly.

All of a sudden, her eyes light up. She has an idea!

She quickly visits Rudi's hardware store. Shortly afterwards, she runs back to little Fritz with a shopping bag under her arm.

'Close your eyes,' Amanda urges the hedgehog child. 'Only open them again when I tell you to.'

Little Fritz waits for what is to come with his eyes closed. Something is yanking his head around.

'Eyes open!' cries Amanda and pulls out the mirror.

Little Fritz looks in the mirror and sees... SPIKES!!! He looks like a proper hedgehog again.

'How did you manage that?' asks little Fritz.

Amanda replies, 'Until your spikes grow back you can wear this wire brush. With a rubber band, you can strap it on any time you want.'

The next day, little Fritz is surrounded by adoring hedgehog girls, and the hedgehog boys are dying to learn more about little Fritz's new hairstyle.

'How do you get your spikes so straight?' asks one of the kids.

'Necessity is the mother of invention,' replies little Fritz.

Meanwhile, he now knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up. An inventor! Thanks, Amanda...

J. Schmidt, Bad Grund