We care for babies and families worldwide.

Humana is more than just a name to us - it is a promise. Everything we do revolves around the human being and their development. Based on the unity of nature & science, we offer high-quality products that parents all over the world can trust - for more than 65 years.

Our products for every need of babies and toddlers

Being a mum also means, that I am constantly worried: about his health, about his needs, about his development. Nevertheless the smile on his face makes everything worthwhile.

Charming stories
for drifting off to sleep

Children love bedtime stories. They have a calming effect, making it easier to fall asleep and, in many families, belong to the nightly bedtime routine. Allow yourself time to end the day together with your little sunshine. Our short stories are the ideal companion into the land of dreams.

We treat babyfood with the utmost care

When feeding your baby, you want 100% safety. That is why we at Humana treat baby food with the utmost care. In our three modern production sites our food specialists turn the essence of all our knowledge into recipes that optimally support your child’s development.

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