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Being a dad.
A child changes everything.

With pregnancy, your life and your partnership certainly change a lot. But as soon as the baby is there, this change takes on a different dynamic and quality. Being a dad now, you have to get used to a lot of things: a life with less sleep and more responsibility, with lots of little worries and big challenges. You will often feel tired and exhausted. But when you cuddle your baby and look at that cute little face, you know: this little person is worth every effort.

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Your life as a trio
Learning to be a dad

As a couple, you have probably already formed ideas about how you would want to organise everyday life with a child. But there are worlds of difference between theory and practice. From the time your baby arrives home, all your expectations fly out the window. Most fathers are struck by the fact that someone else is now their partner's first priority. And since dads can't breastfeed, the baby  naturally focusses more on the mom. Just as your child is developing, you too must now grow into your new role.

Support in the puerperium
How to support your partner after childbirth

The first four weeks after your baby is born are called puerperium. That’s about the time it takes your partner to recover from the labour of childbirth. During this phase, drastically decreasing hormone levels change your partner's body and mood. About three-quarters of all women get the 'baby blues' around this time, and that brings many tears. Now it's up to you as a dad. Take a few days off, take care of your family and hug your partner whenever she needs it. Spoil her with all your love and tenderness — and if too many visitors knock on your door, just send them away.

dad holding his kid on lap

How can I create a father-child bond?
Your baby also wants to be close to Dad

Sure, the bond between mother and child is something very special. But in principle, mothers and fathers can read their baby's needs equally well. They both know if their little one is screaming because of hunger, separation anxiety, or simply a wet nappy. And if they each take care of the newborn equally, the baby also feels closely connected to both. In short: from the very first second, your baby will be looking for warmth and affection from their dad. All you have to do is grab their little hand and give them your love.

Changing nappies made easy
A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do

Changing nappies shouldn't be an issue anymore. After all, we're in the 2020s. Nevertheless, you keep hearing about dads who shy away from this paternal duty. But why? It is a great opportunity to build a bond with your child. With a little practice, it can be really fun. Just have confidence in your daddy skills — Mommy and Baby will love you for it. With these few tips, changing nappies is child's play:

  • Undress your baby beforehand — your baby doesn't like lying on their back for too long.
  • Be prepared — to save time, you should have nappies, wipes and water ready to go.
  • Bring toys — your baby loves to play and be entertained.
  • Change location — whether it be the couch, carpet or kitchen counter; anywhere looks more exciting than the changing table.
  • Just talk — explain what you are doing and why you are doing it, your baby might not understand, but they like hearing your voice all the same.
baby walking down the stairs with dad